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6 March 2015
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1,117Last updated 14 July 2019
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% IANA WHOIS server % for more information on IANA, visit http://www.iana.org % This query returned 1 object domain: TRADING organisation: DOTTRADING REGISTRY LTD address: Boston ivy address: Cannon Bridge House, address: 25 Dowgate Hill, address: London, address: EC4R 2YA address: United Kingdom contact: administrative name: Head of Operations organisation: DOTTRADING REGISTRY LTD address: Boston Ivy address: Cannon Bridge House address: 25 Dowgate Hill address: EC4R 2YA address: United Kingdom phone: +442078960011 fax-no: +442078960010 e-mail: mike.clark@bostonivy.co contact: technical name: Registry Customer Service organisation: Verisign, Inc. address: 12061 Bluemont Way address: Reston Virginia address: 20190 address: United States phone: +1-703-925-6999 fax-no: +1-703-948-3978 e-mail: info@verisign-grs.com nserver: AC1.NSTLD.COM 2001:500:120:0:0:0:0:30 nserver: AC2.NSTLD.COM 2001:500:121:0:0:0:0:30 nserver: AC3.NSTLD.COM 2001:500:122:0:0:0:0:30 nserver: AC4.NSTLD.COM 2001:500:123:0:0:0:0:30 ds-rdata: 50349 8 2 B887649FD0693BDD6CDD8C98F365DCDDF52049E0DAA62422005CA7D2F4243510 whois: whois.nic.trading status: ACTIVE remarks: Registration information: http://bostonivy.co created: 2015-03-06 changed: 2019-08-27 source: IANA
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