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Travel, Products & Industry
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13 February 2015
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372Last updated 1 November 2020
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% IANA WHOIS server % for more information on IANA, visit http://www.iana.org % This query returned 1 object domain: BOATS organisation: DERBoats, LLC address: 150 Granby St address: Norfolk, VA 23510 address: United States contact: administrative name: General Manager organisation: DERBoats, LLC address: 150 Granby Street address: Norfolk, VA 23510 address: United States phone: 7573517439 e-mail: tldadmin@dominionenterprises.com contact: technical name: Senior Director, DNS Infrastructure Group organisation: Afilias address: Building 3, Suite 105, 300 Welsh Road address: Horsham, PA 19044 address: United States phone: 215.706.5700 fax-no: 215.706.5701 e-mail: tld-tech-poc@afilias.info nserver: A0.NIC.BOATS 2a01:8840:66:0:0:0:0:17 nserver: A2.NIC.BOATS 2a01:8840:69:0:0:0:0:17 nserver: B0.NIC.BOATS 2a01:8840:67:0:0:0:0:17 nserver: C0.NIC.BOATS 2a01:8840:68:0:0:0:0:17 ds-rdata: 184 8 2 a4a33b365286abb2176f9f617093d4dade9cd2af1c8b4955db2b0ad92b6940d5 whois: whois.afilias-srs.net status: ACTIVE remarks: Registration information: remarks: http://www.dominionregistries.com created: 2015-02-13 changed: 2020-12-09 source: IANA
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