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.su was assigned as the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Soviet Union (USSR) on 19 September 1990. Even though the Soviet Union itself was dissolved a mere 15 months later, the .su top-level domain remains in use today. It is administered by the Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN, or RosNIIROS in Russian transcription).
Russian Institute for Development of Public Networks (ROSNIIROS)
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Entity / Country
Soviet Union
ccTLD - Country Code Top Level Domain
Registration Date
19 September 1990
Registered Domains
116,689Last updated 5 May 2018
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% IANA WHOIS server % for more information on IANA, visit http://www.iana.org % This query returned 1 object domain: SU organisation: Russian Institute for Development of Public Networks organisation: (ROSNIIROS) address: 1, Kurchatov Sq. address: Moscow 123182 address: Russian Federation contact: administrative name: Alexei P. Platonov organisation: Russian Institute for Public Networks address: 1 Kurchatov Square address: Moscow 123182 address: Russian Federation phone: +7 499 702 83 43 fax-no: +7 499 702 83 43 e-mail: su-adm@fid.su contact: technical name: Technical Center of Internet organisation: Technical Center of Internet address: 8, Zoologicheskaya str address: Moscow 123242 address: Russian Federation phone: +7 495 737 92 95 fax-no: +7 495 737 06 84 e-mail: ru-tech@tcinet.ru nserver: A.DNS.RIPN.NET 2001:678:17:0:193:232:128:6 nserver: B.DNS.RIPN.NET 2001:678:16:0:194:85:252:62 nserver: D.DNS.RIPN.NET 2001:678:18:0:194:190:124:17 nserver: E.DNS.RIPN.NET 2001:678:15:0:193:232:142:17 nserver: F.DNS.RIPN.NET 2001:678:14:0:193:232:156:17 ds-rdata: 21521 8 2 F6ECE0003432D13A631D0B281DA59681F354241BBE6524B9B622990B6BB105FE whois: whois.tcinet.ru status: ACTIVE created: 1990-09-19 changed: 2017-07-07 source: IANA
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